Nagkesar Herb Information

Family Name: Guttiferae

Latin Name: Mesua ferrea

English/Common Name: Mesua ferrea

Indian Name: Nag Kesar

Part Used: Berries or flower buds

Habitat: Common on the eastern Himalayas, east Bengal and Assam, Burma and Andemanns. It is cultivated in gardens.

Constituents: Seeds contain a fixed oil and hard pericarp contains tannin.


The natural order nomenclature is derived from Guttens which means marked with spots of different colour.It is a medium sized tree with evergreen leaves,brown bark and oblong fruits that contain 1 to 4 seeds.The most important part with medicinal value for excessive uterine bleeding are the reddish yellos stamens which are fragrant.

Action and Uses

Dried Blossoms are bitter Aromatic, astringent, acrid and purgative also stimulant and carminative. Tonic for heart, expels wind, antispasmodic, Diuretic, Emmenagogue. These are also useful thirst, irritability of the stomach, excessive perspiration, cough with much expectoration, dyspepsia etc. The plant has been widely used in India.


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