Vigor Forte

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Combination Pack (2 Bottles)
Morning Strength 42 Tablets, 1 gm each
Evening Strength 42 Veg Capsules, 800 mg each


This product is prepared as per traditional Ayurvedic standards. This means the micro pulverized powder of the herb impregnates with its own juice or decoction by trituration (bhavna). The trituration accentuates hidden medicinal properties of the herb and to ensure that the herb, as soon as administered, is absorbed quickly at the cell level. Subtlety should be the quality by virtue of which a product can penetrate in to the smallest capillary and channels of the biological system.

This product is concentrated extract form (Not just simple bulk herb powder) Extract enhances potency, efficacy and health benefits to a great extent.

Vigor Forte

Evening Strength 42 Veg Capsules, 800 mg each

Vigor Tonic

Morning Strength 42 Tablets, Size 1 gm each

An Ayurvedic Herbal Body Tonic

Helps to stimulate male or female libido, helps men with erection, can help delay ejaculation, improve seminal viscosity, restore confidence and provide satisfactory libido. Aids in anti aging, overcomes general debility.

Herbal Supplement

Vigor Forte is a unique herbal body tonic that contains herbs Sanskrit name "Ashwagandha" (means horse vitality); Mineral Pitch Sanskrit name "Shilajit" (means rock warrior) obtained from the Himalayan region. It is a natural source of 84 minerals required by our body with self-assimilating properties.

Possible Indications

Debility, loss of libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual vigor and vitality, Male Impotence, Nausea, vigour.

Ayurvedic Concept

Ayurveda has suggested that the age for male sexual activity begins at 21 years of age and onwards. Up to this age, the male's natural semen production (testosterone) reaches the optimum level. Before this age, semen is under unripe conditions. Performing sex prematurely causes weakness of the semen, which may result in infertility later on, low erectile power, poor libido & lack of sexual urge. Similarly, from its optimum level it starts decreasing 1 to 2% per year and comes down to the level of 50 % at the age of 50. Ayurveda has a wide definition of health including healthy body, mind & soul. It is not only the absence of disease. A person, having no disease physically but under stress, will not enjoy life. "Vajikarna" is a branch of Ayurveda, which deals with the human vigor. It not only promotes the sexual capacity by increasing the production of healthy semen, but also it improves the physical and psychological health of an individual.

Sex is an important part of life. It is as necessary as food. This involves both the physical as well as psychological states of the body and mind. Ayurveda has dealt with its various aspects from impotency to fertility. Decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation, deficiency of erection and diminished pleasure are the usual outcome of premature sexual indulgence, over sex and excessive use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. In these conditions both psyche and physical Doshas (humors) are associated, i.e., Rajas mind (gives more excitement) and Tamas (induces laziness, loss of vigor but increased sexual urge) as well as Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water). These Doshas (humors) cause the production of defective semen and loss of vigor.

The various symptoms produce by their vitiation are:

Vata (Air) type: Frothy semen, low ejaculation time, decreased viscosity and weakness while ejaculating.

Pitta (Fire) type: Semen with impaired color and foul smell due to infection.

Kapha (Water) type: High viscosity of semen. In the same way constant exposure to debilitating/ invalidating physical or mental circumstances, tend to weaken the vital constituents and lead overall emaciation. These could be worries, tension, shock, anxiety, jealousy, hyper excitation, lack of desire, depressive mood and emotional weakness. All of these circumstances lead to the disturbance of psychological (Doshas) (humors). These Doshas (humors) are ultimately related with the physical humors Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water). So, to keep the body physically, as well as mentally fit, a proper blend of herbs is as Vigor Forte.

Composition (Morning)

High Quality herb and pure extract of wild crafted herbs from their natural habitat without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives. Crafted Herbs are more potent and effective than Cultivated Herbs.

Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry) Root Powder and Extract, Amla (Emblica Officinalis) Fruit Powder and Extract, Black Musale (Curculigo Orchioides) Tuber Powder and Extract, Kaunch (Mucuna Prureins) Seed Powder and Extract, Safeta Musli (Asparagus Adscendens) Tuber Powder and Extract, Talimakhana (Hygrophila Spinosa) Root Powder and Extract, Todri Safed (Matthiola Incana) Seed Powder and Extract, Gokhru (Tribulus Terrestris) Fruit Powder and Extract, Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) Stem Powder and Extract, Indrayava (Holarrhena Antidysentrica) Seed Powder and Extract, Todrisurkh (Cheiranthus Cheiri) Seed Powder and Extract, Kalanjan (Alpinia Galanga) Leaf Powder and Extract, Shakakul (Asparagus Officinalis) Root Powder and Extract, Safedbahman (Centaurea Behman) Root Powder and Extract, Twak (Cinnamomum Cassia) Bark Powder and Extract, Shilajit (Mineral Pitch) Oozing Powder and Extract, Vidharikanda (Ipomea Digitata) Root Powder and Extract.

Composition (Evening)

  • Ashwagandha


    Winter Cherry, Withania Somnifera

    Rejuvenating and anti-stress agent, aphrodisiac in action, general body tonic, boost up the immunity.

  • Shilajit


    Asphaltum, Mineral Pitch

    It is the natural source of all the minerals required by body and rejuvenator. Regular use strengthens the body and boost up the immunity. Very useful in urogenital disorders.

  • Shatavari


    Asparagus Racemosus

    Useful in semen disorders like aligospermia. Also a good Pitta pacifying agent.

  • Licorice


    Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Mulethi/Yasthimadhu

    Act as a Aphrodisiac and useful in Pitta dominant disorders.

  • Nutmeg


    Myristica Fragrans, Jaiphal

    Aphrodisiac and best used for premature ejaculation.

  • Gokshura


    Tribulis Terrestris, Gokshura

    Aphrodisiac and best used in impotency. Very useful in urogenital disorders, cooling by nature.

  • Kesar


    Crocus Sativus, Saffron

    Its aphrodisiac property is due to its stimulation of central nervous system. It is given in anemia and seminal debility.

According to Ayurveda

These rejuvenating herbs are anti-stress agents, aphrodisiac in action and act as a general body tonic. These are the natural sources of all the minerals required by body and their regular use strengthens the body and boosts up the immune system. These are useful in urogenital and semen disorders like aligospermia. These herbs, also good Pitta (fire) pacifying agents, are best used for premature ejaculation, impotency, spermaturia and semen disorders. The combination is useful in age related muscular degeneration and it increases vigor.


The herbs in "Vigor Forte" are highly recommended in Ayurveda for rejuvenating both body & mind, increases stamina, can add to youthfulness and enthusiastic lifestyle.


  • Vigor forte can be used regularly without causing any side effect Its effectiveness is enhanced with "Male Health"/"Vitazin" and the regular use of "Chywanprash" keeps all the body systems intact.
  • For females, use with "Femivita".

For Best Results

  1. Use with "Ojas" or "Chywanprash".
  2. Use with milk and milk products with “Chywanprash", black gram (lentil) soup.
  3. The use of "Spirulina" with milk will be more beneficial in loss of libido.

Best Combination

Beneficial with our other product "Ojas" or "Chywanprash".


Who would not love great sex and great health throughout one's life, but is possible only when we act in line with our body and mind. People mistakenly think that their sex drive shall always be the same. It is not. It fluctuates for all sorts of reasons such as health, fatigue, age and worry. The stress and strain on ones daily life is the primary factor, which leaves its ugly mark on ones sexual drive. The urge for sex is similar to desire for food. When we feel hungry or our previous intake gets digested and absorbed, we feel the hunger. (Necessity for more food).

Under stress and strain, though the requirement of food exists, we don't feel hungry. It is only when we are not worried and free of stress and strain we feel hungry. On the sight of delicious or particular food for which we have special and developed tastes, our mouth waters. Similarly, sex is a natural hunger in grownup human beings, but man forces himself to over sex contrary to nature just to enjoy more and more. If unchecked, stress and other factors, may lead to depressed libido, premature ejaculation, unsatisfactory erection and stimulation and persons slowly but surely feel incapacitated to perform satisfactory coitus; thus forced to live with a life with lack of luster, which usually aggravates minor ills and increases the risk of becoming impotence.

At the time of taking food, more saliva is produced and accordingly our digestive system makes preparations for its digestion and different enzymes are released by the organs of our digestive system. Similarly, like all other animals at the time of togetherness our bodies secrete and discharge different hormones, which facilitate the arousal of our sexual organs. When we are engaged in sex, we lose touch with the rest of the world and only feel the enjoyment and desire to fulfill our body's hunger for sex. In the process of sexual activity, man releases the surplus energy stored in his body. During this process various aromas/odors are emitted both by the male and female. The aromas/odors emitted by the male plays an equally important role on the sexual arousal and response in the female. This behavior is like a magnet in which opposite poles attract each other. This plays a very important role in the remedies taken as sex stimulants by man. There are so many factors that alter the sexual life of a man, unlike animals; humans often perform sex for the sake of it.

Man never does sex according to nature whereas animals do it according to nature and more or less at the time when female animals come to "heat". So it is very difficult for modern science to find out what really acts as "Aphrodisiac" in humans because no scientific proof can be obtained. But a man can feel and compare the difference between natural sex and forced sex.

Ayurvedic Study of Nature: The man has not yet explored nature completely. Everyday we talk about new inventions. But that does not mean that new things have been created by man. It means that discovery is a thing by which man comes to know of something not previously known by the man. The finding is in fact not a creation but the new knowledge of already existing nature and fast exploring of nature is making mankind more anti-nature.

Ayurveda the ancient natural healing system of India has 5000 years of practical experience with real people of herbal remedies for keeping the mind and body young. Its rejuvenation (rasayana), and aphrodisiacs, or virilization (vajikarana) are well researched, practical areas of health maintenance that one can use to stay well and sexy throughout a long life. Rejuvenation: To nourish, restore and balance the body function, which have been taxed by the wear and tear of daily life. Hot activities such as passion and anger; age the body more rapidly, so calming nature (behavior) is suggested.

Virilization: Closely related to rejuvenation is the use of aphrodisiacs and sexual rebuilding tonics, aims to sport sexual pleasure, fertility and performance and also on replacing tissue nutrients and fluids which require at least six weeks use with a gap of 3 to 5 days in the middle.

Central to the Ayurvedic idea of sexual rejuvenation is the concept of ojas, which is the most concentrated essence of nutritional substances in the body, roughly comparable to semen, a superfine biological substance and the biological strength of the tissues depends on it. It can also be known as our vitality and immunity. It is said that 100 bytes of food will produce one drop of blood and 100 drops of blood will produce one drop of ojas. Our body has the quality to multiply blood as per the requirement of the body but the body has no capacity to multiply ojas.

Our Ayurvedic system of herbal remedies recognizes the medicinal properties of natural herbs and minerals and is authentically substantiated in Ayurvedic Textbooks and Literature. Now the man wants every thing, which is natural.

Uses and Properties of Vigor Forte: Vigor Forte has been formulated and perfected by keeping all of the above factors in mind, with a standardized selection of herbs and natural minerals in their purest form. Vigor Forte is to be used as a traditional natural remedy as well as a total health food such as Body Tonic, Aphrodisiac, Sex Stimulant, Restorative Formula, Nervine, Tonic, Relaxant and Rejuvenator. Vigor Forte is non-narcotic and non-habit forming, with no side effects. Vigor Forte taken in recommended doses acts as a natural Aphrodisiac. The usage of Vigor Forte clearly shows all the properties of a real Aphrodisiac. It acts as a sexual stimulant, arouses the natural desire for sex, improves sexual performance and acts as a body tonic. Unlike other aphrodisiacs and sex stimulants a man does not feel sexy all the time, but sexual desire and stimulation will arouse in the body when his mind wants to do the same.

Selected Ingredients: All the ingredients of Vigor Forte are carefully chosen from the traditionally used herbs in the form of standardized extracts and in a balanced blend keeping all the factors and basics of nature. Even the female's reaction is taken into consideration, when a man uses Vigor Forte. The particular aromas of herbs are equally responsible for increasing libido in man and arousal of sexual desire in females as aromas are transmitted from male to female creating a greater mutual attraction at the time of coitus. The pleasure of sex is not simple intercourse but it starts with feelings of love and response of the opposite body, which leads to arousal of natural desire for sex and its animal-like performance.


According to Ayurveda, herbs are taken in combination with other herbs to neutralize the toxicity of one herb with the opposing effect of the other or to enhance the particular effect of one herb with the help of another.

Vigor Forte is a combination of traditional herbs blended according to existing living and food habits of present era (herbal formula used historically for thousands of years for rejuvenation and as a revitalizing herbal remedy), used safely and successfully for centuries by herbalists and physicians.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Disease.

For Adult Males: Take 1-2 tablets of Vigor Tonic in the morning (with breakfast, preferably with milk or fruit juice) provides tonic effect to the body (tridoshar).

Take 1-2 capsules of Vigor Forte in evening. Honey-sweetened milk is much more beneficial. Provide sexual energy (warming effect).

Foods to Favor

Rice along with milk, black gram (lentil) soup, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken and milk.

Foods to Avoid

Fried and fatty meals, late night dinner, junk food, alcohol, smoking and stressful life. Don't take excessive salty and acidic foods.


  • Persons with piles or fissures should take Vigor Forte evening under medical care or take Vigor Tonic morning only.
  • Person with high blood pressure should start with small dose and increase slowly or take more Vigor Tonic morning and less Vigor Forte evening.

Recommended Usage: Vigor Forte evening suggested with milk, soy milk, or fruit juice, one capsule 2 hours after lunch or 4 hours before dinner. Its effects last about 8 to 12 hours as aphrodisiac and sex stimulants and afterwards as tonic effect due to the hot effect of various ingredients in the body calms down.

Do not take with alcohol.

Precautions: Persons suffering from hypertension, bleeding piles and fissures should take only under medical supervision. Continuous use for more than three to four weeks is not recommended. Allow a gap of few days before resuming consumption.

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HerbsForever is proud to carry on the tradition of our founders since 1932. We are a team of herbalists, biochemists, pharmacists and microbiologists to bring you safe and high quality traditional products.

Factors to consider

Our naturally grown wild crafted herbs come from their natural habitat. Natural habitat plays a key role in the potency of herbs, which is why we use wild crafted herbs, as opposed to less effective cultivated ones. Every herb is collected at its proper harvest time for higher potency.

High quality extracts / Standardized Extract of wild crafted herbs from their natural habitat.

In all our proprietary formulas and single formulas, we use high quality extracts (amount used is dependant on the potency and quality of the plants). Our extraction process uses the methodology most appropriate for each specific herb.

All binding ingredients used are taken from a natural source.

The quality and part of the plant along with the water used used are highly important in the manufacturing and processing of herbal powders.

The properties of single herb may differ from region to region. Ripening and timely harvesting are yet another important factor for the potency of any particular herb.

There are guidelines for collection of different herbs at different times and there is a particular span of time for collecting some particular herbs.

Every herb is collected during the full-ripened time; tested for its genuinness and strength of its active constituents. Naturally-grown herbs are preferable to cultivated herbs. Aromatic herbs or herbs having volatile oil are used in the natural form. The rest of the herbs are used in extract form because active principals vary from region to region and habitat to habitat. Total extract of herbs is used instead of isolated salts. Ancient Ayurveda has suggested many methods for analyzing the various herbs, but at that time herbs were used in their original form to powder, pills or juice of fresh herbs or distillate of herbs. All the suggestions and methods for identifying a particular herb were physical and taste based. Now, since a lot of work has been done, chemical tests are available for identification of true herbs and quantity of active constituents. We are equipped with a modern plant, machinery and quality assurance system and the herbs are tested for their complete strength, efficacy and safety. Good manufacturing practices are applied with a neat, clean and sanitary environment. Herbs are procured in season and stored in extract form. All the requirements regarding purity, quality and efficacy are totally complied with and given top priority from the time of procurement till ready for consumption.

Extraction of Herbs: Extracts are prepared either with water or according to the solubility of active principle of the herb. We extract each herb according to its own unique physical and biochemical characteristics. We dry the extracts with the micronized powder of the same herb. This increases the strength of the extract and the extracts get easier to dry. Less chances to take moisture from air. We do not add any additive.

This attention to detail produces a finished extract that optimally represents the herb from which it is made. Our extracts are very rich in the aroma, taste and contain bioactive compounds of the original herbs themselves. They are easily and optimally absorbed and assimilated by the body, and therefore their health-promoting effects are promptly felt.

Water Purification: Water is processed under DM plant, RO plant then converted in to steam. That steam water is used in the processing of herbs to avoid any chance of heavy metal contamination.

Naturally grown herbs are assumed to be more potent.

All related factors, including the above, are considered very carefully and thoroughly.

Wild crafted herbs from their natural habitat without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives.

Products as per Ayurvedic Standards: Our products are prepared as per traditional Ayurvedic standards. This means the micro pulverized powder of the herb impregnates with its own juice or decoction by trituration (bhavna). The trituration accentuates hidden medicinal properties of the herb and to ensure that the herb, as soon as administered, is absorbed quickly at the cell level. Subtlety should be the quality by virtue of which a product can penetrate into the smallest capillary and channels of the biological system.

The A-grade dried herbs are pulverized at an optimum frequency suitable to retain its active properties and thereafter potentiated using in-house developed Bhavana-decoction of the same complete herb (Traditional ayurvedic system to fortify the herb). Then that decoction is added to the same herb and thereafter micro-pulverised to make them free flowing.

Note: Bhavana-decoction method is based on Traditional Ayurvedic principle "Mardanam Gunvardhnam" means "Trituration increases the efficacy to many folds".

Manufacturing activities are carried out in newly-built premises. Quality control measurements are taken under the guidelines of a highly experienced and qualified person, having a vast knowledge of analytical chemistry and an Associate of Institute of Chemists to maintain strict standards and comply with all requirements from the time of procurement to finished product.

Vegetarian capsules are cellulose based capsule shells that are used to encapsulate the material. Vegetarian capsules are made from a substance called HPMC, which stands for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (often shortened to hypromellose). This contains no animal matter (unlike gelatin capsules) and is suitable for all.

One of the benefits of having capsules is that capsules have a consistent disintegration time, typically less than 30 minutes i.e. the capsule shell takes about 30 minutes to disintegrate once it has been eaten. Another benefit of taking capsules is that the capsule shell offers excellent protection for oxygen sensitive ingredients so capsulated supplements will stay fresher longer.

Note: We do not add gluten, soy, milk, wheat, peanuts, shellfish, preservatives, colors, artificial ingredients, artificial binders, flavours, lactose, malt, dextrin, stearates, titanium dioxide etc. in capsules.

Quality, Purity is assured.

HerbsForever maintains the quality standards like purity, potency and freshness of its herbal dietary products by storing them in climate controlled, light controlled and atmosphere regulated storages. Thus, no chances of outside vermin and pests infestation.

GMP & ISO Certified Manufacturing Facility: Laboratory tested for quality purity and heavy metal standards.

No preservatives or artificial colors.