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Welcome to Satveda

Our introduction is our source of inspiration. Our Grand father, VAID VIDYA SAGAR AGGARWAL, was a well-known herbalist and a perfect Ayurvedist. He was a great and a famous vaid. In the Ayurveda system, vaid means physician. His career as a herbalist started
from Vaid Perma-Nand, who was also a great herbalist and head physician of King of Kapurthala (India).

How to Shop

We welcome you at our site for shopping with us. You would find that
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Ayurvedic Concepts

Ayurveda (Science of life) is the traditional concept of health and natural healing system of India
and its cultural sphere.

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Quality Control

We are a team of herbalists, biochemists, pharmacists and microbiologists to bring you safe and high
quality traditional products.

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