True Calm

  • Package: 90 Vege Capsules, 800 mg each

True Calm

Primary benefits as per Ayurveda

  • Herbal support for healthy nervous system.
  • Helps to support for Blissful sleep pattern.
  • Natural Herbal formula for healthy memory.
  • Helps to neutralize the unhealthy effects of daily hectic life on mind and body.
  • Helps to support person's natural physical and mental power to do their work.
  • Supports peacefulness and Spiritual Uplifts.
  • A combination of ayurvedic herbs which has been used in ayurveda since time immemorial.

Other Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • Helps to maintain the natural focus of mind.
  • Helps to maintain natural concentration on work.
  • Helps to support for healthy emotions.
  • Helps to support for healthy heart.
  • SKU Code: 190
  • Package: 90 Vege Capsules, 800 mg each
  • Concentrated : This product is concentrated extract form (Not just simple bulk herb powder) Extract enhances potency, efficacy and health benefits to a great extent.
Herbal True Calm - Satveda

True Calm / $27.95


  • High quality extracts of wild crafted herbs from their natural habitats.
  • Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera) Root, Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) Root, Shankhpushpi(Evolvulus Alsinoides) Plant, Brahmi(Bacopa Monnieri) Leaf, Kaunch (Mucuna Pruriens) Seed, Pipli(Piper Longum) Fruit, Shilajit(Mineral Pitch) Oozing Purified.
  • All the herbs used in this product have safe history of usage in Ayurveda since the time immemorial. They have very unique benefits with unique herbal properties.
  • Combined effects of all these herbs formulated in such a way that help to bring all three Doshas (Humors) Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water) in their natural balanced state.

Serving Size:

Adults: Take 1 or 2 Capsules, 2 or 3 times a day with warm milk or after meals with juice or water.

Best Use With:

  • For healthy mind and sleep pattern: Use "TrueCalm" with "Sleep Ez" or "Ashwagandha" for extra support.
  • For External Use: "Brahmi Oil" or "Kashir Bala Oil" is also useful.
  • For healthy Concentration: Use "TrueCalm" with "Brahmi" or "Omega Mind" with start of day.
  • For healthy acid production in stomach: Use "TrueCalm" along with "Netacid" or "Amla".
  • For maintaining the morning regularity: Use "TrueCalm" twice a day and "Laxa Comfort" or "Triphala" at bedtime.
  • For healthy appetite and natural passing the gas: Use "TrueCalm" with "Gastro Care" with meals.

Food to Favour:

  • Fresh Food
  • Rice
  • Green Grams (Lentils)
  • Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits
  • Consume a light diet with large amounts of liquids and Milk.

Food to Avoid:

  • Avoid Heavy, Fatty and Fried Meals.
  • Late night eating habits
  • Non-Vegetarian diet
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Bakery products especially cakes and pastries.
  • Avoid junk and fast food.


  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water.
  • Regular exercise should be done.
  • Take cow’s milk at night daily.
  • Enjoy life with music, playing or watching television.


  • Limit the use of caffeine or smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress, anger, fear or worries.

Healthy Tips:

  • Nutritional diet
  • Morning walk
  • Yoga
  • Peaceful mind
  • Restful sleep


Pregnant/Lactating women, children or any with Known pre-existing condition should take under the advice of health care provider. Keep away from the reach of children.

Reference Classical or Govt. Approved Books:


  • Shivdatnighantu
  • Chakradatta
  • Bhavprakesh
  • Rajmartand


  • Pharmacological activity of Withania Somnifera by Sunita Verma WJPR Vol 5, Issue 4, 2016.
  • Biological activities of Withania somnifera by G. Singh et al Annals of Biological Research, 1 (3): 56-63, 2010.
  • Shilajit: a review Phytotherapy Research Volume 21, Issue 5 , Pages 401 – 405.
  • Mukherjee, Biswapati. Traditional Medicine, Proceedings of an International Seminar. Nov. 7-9 1992, pg 308-319. Hotel Taj Bengal, Calcutta India. Oxford & IBH Publishing, New Delhi, 1992. 24.
  • Non Synthetic
  • Natural solution
  • Cruelty free
  • Checked for Heavy metal standards
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free
  • No filler, No binder, No preservatives
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Climate control environment
Color, Taste, Aroma of the product may change from batch to batch. **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Disease.

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