Chywanprash Rasayana Jam

  • Package: 500 gms Jar

Chywanprash Rasayana Jam

Primary Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • Supports Immune System.
  • Supports respiratory system.
  • Natural source of Vitamin-C.
  • Antioxidant and helps to pass your winter smoothly.
  • Enhances the healthy life span & Rejuvenates the body.

Other Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • Herbal tonic for mind and body.
  • Helps to regain youth and Vitality.
  • Natural defense in cold weather against environmental changes.
  • Body tonic for every age.
  • It is part of daily diet for the health and wellness of the entire family from school kids to senior citizens.
  • The magic of our "Chywanprash Rasayana Jam” should be experienced, not just read about!
  • Chywanprash Rasayana Jam is made from high quality herbs and pure extract of wild crafted herbs from their natural habitat without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives. This unique product is under climate controlled conditions to keep it moisture free.
  • Chywanprash Rasayana Jam is a natural nutritional jam which supports our respiratory and immune system. It is an herbal tonic that rejuvenates both mind and body.
  • The Sanskrit word "Rasayana" literally means "To circulate life's essence".
  • Ancient Ayurvedic texts say that "Chywanprash" contains an amalgam of herbs with which a person can regain the vitality of their youth back, even in the later stages of life. This is not an overstated claim or a slip of the pen.
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  • Package: 500 gms Jar
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NOTE: We keep this product under climate controlled conditions to keep it moisture free. If not, bacteria formation can occur. This formulation contains Ghee, Rock Sugar and Honey. Honey is added at the end and not heated. The texture is a thick paste with no water content and will tend to go through a natural drying process. There are possibilities of clusters of herbs forming within the paste as there is no water content. This does not signify any fault in the product and is safe to consume and potency remains unaltered. Thereby all sales will be considered as final.

  • Non Synthetic
  • Natural solution
  • Cruelty free
  • Checked for Heavy metal standards
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free
  • No filler, No binder, No preservatives
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Climate control environment
Color, Taste, Aroma of the product may change from batch to batch. **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Disease.

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